how to deal with stress and anxiety

How To Deal With Stress & Anxiety

Everyone deals with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I’ve dealt with these issues my whole life so i’m here to try to help you. They can cause bad decision making and high blood pressure. On the long term stress can actually shorten your life. Many of you might be asking what the difference between stress and anxiety is.

The difference is that anxiety comes from within and stress is caused by external factors. An example of anxiety could be a fear of cats and in that person’s mind the cat can actually almost be seen as a tiger. Anxiety is generally caused by fear. An example of of stress could be being stuck in traffic and not having control over a situation.

There is good stress and bad stress. Good stress is let’s say when you have to meet a deadline at work. You need to be a bit stressed in order to get your work done because if your too laid back you won’t get stuff done on time. Bad stress is usually high stress which can be debilitating and could definitely mes with your concentration.

how to deal with stress and anxiety


Here are some different ways you could deal with stress and anxiety:

  1. You should try to avoid caffeine – Caffeine makes you full of energy and if your not properly channeling that energy it could lead to making bad decisions.
  2. Avoid alcohol – Alcohol could cause stress and even panic attacks, drink water instead 🙂
  3. Try to do at least 20 minutes of physical activity everyday, it could work wonders. Stressful situations can increase cortisol and adrenaline in your body which is only good during a fight or flight response to a potentially harmful situation. In order to protect yourself from going in to fight or flight you can do exercise to calm you down during high stress. Go for a jog or a fast walk or play sports because if your enjoying yourself time will fly while doing your body and mind some good.
  4. Get good sleep – Sleep is tremendously important for your health. A lack of sleep can make you stressed. The problem is when your stressed it is sometimes hard to fall asleep. Try to do something relaxing and avoid high stimulation to your brain within a few hours of sleep.
  5. Just breath and relax – if your feeling stressed or anxious try telling yourself to take a STOP and count to 10 or even 20 if you need to. Take deep breaths and make your stomach fully expand and full of air. You want to get enough oxygen to your brain.

  6. Take 30 minutes everyday to worry, have “worry time”
    – Take those 30 minutes when you have time during the day to write down things that are stressing you or making you anxious. For things that are stressing you that you need to get done make a checklist and try to get them done in a timely fashion. For things that are making you anxious write them down and evaluate whether or not they are actually realistic fears that you’re having.
  7. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious call someone – Call a friend or a family member an tell them how you’re feeling. Talking to someone always helps because they can help you calm down or even give you some great advice. From experience I would say to pick and choose the right people to have on that list. Choose someone that will listen and understand you or at least TRY to understand.
  8. Have a bite to eat – Sometimes the best thing you could do is prepare a meal for yourself or order some food at a restaurant. After eating a meal you will feel calmer and better.

If you think your stressed or anxious you could use the tool that I use:

Just say HALT and do a quick checkup:

Ask yourself, are you….

H – Hungy

A – Angry

L – Lonely

T – Tired

Try these things if you’re having trouble. The worst thing is having a panic attack alone and not knowing what to do. Try some of these technique because they will work.

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