If you read my story then you know I have a dream of removing the stigma attached to anxiety, depression and addiction. The reason I want to do that is because the more people talk about these problems the smaller they will become. When people are ashamed of something in their lives they usually keep it to themselves which is very understandable. I understand it because I went through the same and it is very difficult to talk about it because of of the feelings it brings out in us.

I think a great way to help this cause will be a platform for everyone to share and discuss the way they feel so that as humans we could help each other on a daily basis.

I would like to create a social network website dedicated to people experiencing anxiety, depression and addiction. I know of one program that Bell created called “Let’s Talk” and it’s based on the same principals. To get people talking about their feelings and stop holding everything in.

It’s about time that we as a people overcome the stigma attached to such mental illnesses because so many people across the world have them. It’s not a secret anymore, people need help everyday with these issues. If people are worried about anonymity they will have the option to be anonymous if they wish.

I currently do not have the resources or the funds to create such a meaningful project but it is my dream and I will try as hard as I can to make it reality. If it doesn’t work at least I could say that I tried. This project will require for many people to come together in order to realize it because it has the potential to change the work as we know it.

On this platform people will be able to share the way they feel and others can provide support as they could be going through the same thing. The site will also provide resources for people seeking help. Therapists, Doctors, rehab centers etc. will be able to to participate in leading people in the right direction.

I know during my depression and addiction at one point I was very lost and did not know where to go for help because I felt alone and ashamed. If each one of us could just help a little bit it could go a very long way. I will continue writing on this blog everyday to help people with anxiety, depression and addiction in order to provide my support and encourage other people to help as well.

I will be creating a GoFundMe page soon in order to start raising funds for this project. I think Facebook needed $500,000 to create their project so I will be trying to raise about the same.