About Me

Hello, my name is Rudy K. and I created this blog for the soul purpose of being able to realize my dream of helping people around the world.

I would like to help people with (A)nxiety, (D)epression and (A)ddiction which I will call ADA for convenience.

My vision is to create a social network online dedicated towards these mental illnesses if possible on a global level.

I have experieneced all these mental illnesses myself in the past and I believe that I have the motivation, life experiences and the time

to complete such a beautiful project.

I am however lacking in one aspect, that is in the area of funding or financial support. Therefore, one of the main reasons I created this blog

is to acquire funding from people who also believe it is possible to accomplish such a useful project to help people around the world

who either struggle with anxiety, depression or addiction or are looking for support for their loved ones.